Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do we get in to see you?

A: In order to see me, your GP or Pediatrician have to make a referral to me AND you must complete a Parents/Caregiver Questionnaire (both the referral form and the questionnaire can be directly downloaded from this website) and return it to the appropriate office (SEE CONTACT INFO)

Assessments are scheduled ONLY AFTER we receive the complete referral package (referral form + completed questionnaires). If it's been more than a week since you sent in all the necessary paperwork and still have not heard from us, it's because we are missing something. Please contact us to find out what's missing.


Q: How long does it take to get an appointment?

A: Assessments are scheduled for approximately 4 weeks after we receive all the paperwork. If you have any limitations in terms or days of the week, or times of day, please make note of that on your paperwork.


Q: Where can I get the handouts?

A: Right Here